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Not to be confused with the Welcome Room.

The Welcome Solo was an area in Club Penguin Rewritten.

From February 2017 to March 4, 2018, players that had newly registered their accounts would have spawned here. An orange penguin welcomed the player, gave them a brief tutorial on the game, and explained some features of the Toolbar. After the player left the room, the Welcome Solo could not be revisited.

The room itself was a small open area, surrounded by pine trees, with a small lake nearby. There was also a sign labelled "WELCOME". Various rooms were visible in the distance, including the Town, Plaza, Lighthouse, Ski Hill, and Dojo. A few seconds after entering the room, a penguin using a jetpack could be seen in the distance.

Upon Club Penguin Rewritten's return on April 27, 2018, the Welcome Solo room was not visited anymore when players register a new account.

In October 2020, players began to report that when they first join a server that has a queue, they appear to spawn in this room for a brief second before returning to the queue. Initially, it was thought to be a bug, but Thorn confirmed otherwise.[1]


  • In the early days of Club Penguin Rewritten, Staff would sometimes be in the area to welcome new players.
  • Despite the room being removed in April 2018, it still existed in the files. It was previously unknown if there were any plans for the room.