The Worm is a species in Club Penguin Rewritten that appears in Ice Fishing and Aqua Grabber's Soda Seas.


Aqua Grabber

In Aqua Grabber, the worm appears in Soda Seas, and is needed to catch Fluffy the Fish, catch the Mullet and get to the Secret Treasure. It is found by hitting the ceiling of the cave of the 5th Cream Soda Barrel. If let loose, it will get inside the floor and reappear at its normal location.

Ice Fishing

In Ice Fishing the worm is used as bait to catch yellow fish and with a Flashing Lure Fishing Rod, gray fish. You start with 3 worms but can catch extra lives if any are lost.


Ice Fishing

Image Name Description
FishtasticStampIcon.png Fishtastic Catch 15 fish without any mistakes
AfishionadoStampIcon.png Afishionado Catch 45 fish without any mistakes
WormWinStampIcon.png Worm Win Finish the game without losing a worm
AceAnglerStampIcon.png Ace Angler Hook 15 gray fish and Mullet with no worm lost

Aqua Grabber

Image Name Description
Get Fluffy stamp .png Get Fluffy Catch the yellow fish and return it to your net
GetTheWorm.png Get the Worm Catch a worm and return it to your net
SodaTreasure.png Soda Treasure Discover secret treasure in Soda Seas levels
Crab'sTreasureStamp.png Crab's Treasure Capture all the crab's treasure
MulletCapture.png Mullet Capture Capture the large red fish and return it to your net.


  • The worm is called "Bait" in Aqua Grabber, as opposed to "Worm".


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