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Ye Knight's Quest 1 is a series of party rooms, appearing at Medieval Party 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. It is a mini-game (or quest in other words) where your penguin needs to exceed challenges in order to reach the end and accomplish the quest beforehand. This room can be entered from the Cave, along with the other quests too. During the quest, you can obtain the Staff and Shield, Iron Helmet and the Iron Armor.


  • The first challenge: You are needed to stand on all of the pressure plates in the room in order to turn on the lights, thus activating the door.
  • The second challenge: You need to hit 50 targets, worth doing this with a group.
  • The third challenge: You need to pass through the maze in order to complete the quest fully. Before entering the maze, there was a hint which showed a pattern of:
    • Crab - Right
    • Jellyfish - Left
    • Fish - Up
    • Boot - Down

By figuring out the code, you are able to pass through the maze easily.


2017 and 2019

2018 and 2020


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