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Ye Knight's Quest 3 is an event during the Medieval Party 2017, Medieval Party 2018, Medieval Party 2019, and Medieval Party 2020. It can be accessed in the Cave, next to Ye Knight's Quest and Ye Knight's Quest 2.


Three free items can be found in the quest:


  1. The first challenge consisted of finding a gem. To move onto the next challenge, you had to get the correct answer three times.
  2. The second challenge was a puzzle where certain buttons had to be clicked to get across. To complete the challenge, you had to click the red, blue and yellow buttons, respectively. There was a glitch that occurred when you entered the maze, where you could walk to the top of the screen and move across to the end, thereby skipping the puzzle entirely.
  3. Afterward, you had to defeat the Hydra. In order to defeat the Hydra you needed the Gold Staff and Shield, which you could get in the Hall of Hints.
  4. The Hydra has three heads: One red, one blue and one yellow. To defeat the monster you must take down each head.
    • To defeat the red head, you must throw snowballs at it. If a red head's attack hits you, you get sent back to the Hall of Hints and have to start over.
    • To defeat the blue head, you must hit the bucket of lava above the hydras when it passes over it. You need to develop a sense of timing for this one. If the blue head's attack hits you, you get frozen.
    • To defeat the yellow head, you must walk to the stone the yellow head aims at and wear the shield to reflect the attack back to the dragon.
  5. Once you have defeated the Hydra, a bridge will appear on the right side of the screen. Walk through it and you will enter the Royal Court, where you can get White Knight Armor.



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